My Journey Begins

Veni Vidi Scribi – I came, I saw, I wrote

I begin my journey in the far western Roman province of Britannia. From Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England to the luxury villas and Saxon Shore forts of the southern coast, there are Roman footprints to discover throughout England, Wales and even Scotland.

A birthday party invitation and letters home found on wooden tablets at Vindolanda near Hadrian’s Wall. A horde of intricately decorated silverware buried at Mildenhall in Suffolk now on display in the British Museum. Elaborate mosaic floors with underfloor heating in Fishbourne Palace and Bignor Roman Villa.

Ancient walls that have stood for nearly two thousand years around the village of Caerwent in Wales. A lighthouse in Dover that once lit the coast for wary Roman sailors. The misty warm thermal spa of Aquae Sulis at Bath.

Romans marched the roads of Britannia for almost four hundred years leaving their indelible footprints on the landscape and the psyche. My journey of exploring these footprints begins.