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49 York Museum Blacksmith tombstone copy
Tombstone of a Blacksmith

What Remains

The museum has done an excellent job bringing the Roman inhabitants of Eboracum to life.

50 York Museum Roman people copy
A Wandering Soldier

Highlights at the Museum:

  • Detailed descriptions of analysis of human remains from the Roman era. Including A Wandering Soldier: This man died aged thirty-eight years, four months and thirteen days old. He was laid to rest in a large gritstone sarcophagus decorated with an inscription that not only reveals his profession but also, amazingly, his name. Aurelius Super was a centurion in the Sixth Legion, which replaced the Ninth Legion in Eboracum on the orders of Emperor Hadrian. We do not know where Aurelius Super came from originally but we do know that the Sixth Legion campaigned throughout much of the Empire, including Italy, Spain and Germany. Aurelius Super’s memorial was set up by his wife Aurelia Censorina. This devoted woman probably followed him on campaign and may even have lived with him within the fort here in York. We do not know what happened to her after his death.
  • Tombstone of a Blacksmith.
  • Family Tombstone.
  • Mosaic.
  • Medusa medallion made of jet stone.
  • Preserved hair from a woman’s grave. The airtight nature of the burial preserved her hair which was held by two jet pins.
103 York Museum Hair copy
Preserved Hair from a Roman Woman’s Grave