Londinium Mithraeum – Quick Facts


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Temple of Mithras on Queen Victoria Street in 2011


  • The Mithraeum was built around 240 AD on the east bank of the Wallbrook stream.
  • It may have been rededicated to Bacchus in the mid 4th century.

What Remains

  • The stone foundations found in 1954 were badly reconstructed in Queen Victoria Street, not their original location.
  • In 2012, these stones were dug up. They have been relocated closer to the site where they were found, in the Bloomberg building.

Finds from the Mithras Temple that can be seen in the Museum of London:

  • Marble head of Mithras, 180-220 AD
  • Marble head of Minerva, 130-90 AD
  • Marble head of Serapis, 2nd/early 3rdcentury
  • Marble group of Mercury, 2ndcentury
  • Marble River God, mid-2ndcentury
  • Marble Roman God (genius), 2ndcentury
  • Tauroctony (Mithras bull-slaying scene), late 2nd/early 3rdcentury