Lullingstone Roman Villa – Quick Facts


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  • Earliest house was built on the estate about AD 100.
  • The site remained inhabited and renovations and extensions continued for over 300 years into the 5thcentury.

What Remains

  • Wall paintings dating from about AD 360 provide some of the earliest evidence of Christian worship found in northern Europe. This included a large mural of six near life-size figures in robes with their arms raised up in prayer. This painting is not at Lullingstone but is in the British Museum.
  • Foundation and partial walls of dining rooms with underfloor hypocaust heating and a bath suite.
  • Audience Room floor with 4th century mosaic of Bellerophon and Pegasus fighting a chimera and motifs of hearts and swastikas, and Dining Room floor with 4th century mosaic of the Rape of Europa.