Richborough (Portus Rutupiae) Fort and Hotel – Quick Facts


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  • Possible landing site of the Roman invasion of AD 43, there was a military fortification here until the mid-second century.
  • Used as a supply base from AD 45-85.
  • A monumental gateway arch was built here in AD 85 and could be seen for miles around. More info and photos of gateway arch.
  • Major town grew up around monumental arch.
  • Saxon raids on the south coast caused fortifications, including a triple ditch, to be built in AD 250.
  • A large Saxon Shore Fort was built in AD 275.
  • The site remained in use by Romans into the 5th century.

What Remains

  • Earthwork ditches dating from the invasion of AD 43.
  • Remains of a mansio(official hotel) and bath-suite.
  • Cross-shaped platform of the monumental gateway arch built in AD 85.
  • Remains of 2ndcentury shops from the town.
  • High walls of the Saxon Shore fort built in AD 275.