Bignor Villa – Quick Facts


West Sussex – 16 kilometres north of Chichester (Noviomagus Reginum) Map & Website


  • Late 2nd century AD – The earliest remains of the villa date from the late second century AD.
  • Its fourth century structure was a palatial villa covering almost two hectares with a large inner courtyard and large walled yard with farm buildings.

What Remains

Intricate and colourful mosaics, including:

  • Venus and the Gladiators Mosaic– a dining room mosaic with the head of the woman at the top mosaic flanked by peacocks, as well as twisting rope and vine and leaf patterns. The panel in the middle shows four gladiator fight scenes between winged cupids dressed as a retiarius(net carrier) armed with his net, a trident and a short sword, and a secutorwith a shield and sword and protected by a helmet, visor, breast-plate and leg guards.
  • Ganymede Mosaic– depicts an eagle carrying off Gannymede from Mount Ida to become cup-bearer to the gods.
  • Winter Mosaic– depicts winter in human form wearing a burris, the hooded wool coat of Britain.
  • Dolphin Mosaic – a small fragment of a larger mosaic with a depiction of a dolphin and the artist’s initials.
  • North Corridor – A 24 metre long section of an even longer mosaic with a geometric design.
  • Four Seasons, Geometric and Medusa mosaics