Rockbourne Villa – Quick Facts


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  • Site of a late Iron Age farm with evidence of a circular timber hut.
  • First Roman house built in late 1stcentury.
  • Larger West House built around 150.
  • Bath Suite added in 2ndcentury.
  • North Range buildings date from 200.
  • Mosaics and hypocausts added in 3rdcentury along with the East Bath Suite.
  • 4thcentury enlargement to West Bath Suite and closure of East Bath Suite.
  • By early 5thcentury the villa buildings were crumbling.

What Remains

Most of the excavations have been backfilled for protection. Villa walls are shown as outlines. The following are on view:

  • Hypocaust of the West Bath Suite.
  • Mosaic of the North Range dining room.
  • Mosaics of the East Bath Suite.