Newport Villa, Isle of Wight – Quick Facts


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Model of Newport Villa


  • Corridor Villa with bath suite built in the late AD 270s.
  • Diminshed circumstances early in fourth century may have been reason one of main rooms converted to a blacksmith workshop.
  • Villa likely abandoned in the mid-fourth century, possibly due to economic hardship or raids by Saxon raiders.

What Remains

  • Well preserved bath suite and hypocaust system
  • Original height stone wall bases outlining most of the villa.
  • Tessellated and mosaic floors.
  • Reconstructed wall painting using similar design elements found in the island villas at Combley, Brading and Newport.
  • A corn-drier, found at Newchurch on the Isle of Wight, was moved and reconstructed here for preservation.
  • A small courtyard garden designed from gardens preserved in the ash of Pompeii. Plantings include many Roman herbs such as aniseed, borage, chervil, dill, fennel, hyssop, lovage, mint, rue sweet marjoram and thyme.
  • Artifacts found here, such as window pane glass and roof tiles are on display.