Caerleon (Isca) Fort/Museum – Quick Facts


Caerleon, Gwent, Wales Map & Amphitheatre Website & Museum Website


  • Founded in AD 74 as the Legionnary Fort of the II Augusta Legion.
  • Between AD 287 and 296 the main buildings of the fort were demolished. The II Augusta Legion may have moved to Richborough in Kent.

What Remains

  • Amphitheatre– Very impressive amphitheatre remains with a section of the fort wall beside it.
  • Caerleon Fortress Baths– under cover (paid admission) with some exposed drains and hypocausts.
  • Fortress barracks– The only visible remains of Roman legionary fortress barracks in Europe.
  • Beside the barrack are remains of the fort wall, a gate and turrets on the corner of the wall, cookhouses and circular ovens and a latrine.
  • Roman Legionary Museum Caerleon– (free admission) excellent displays and artefacts. The museum has one of the largest gemstone collections found in the Roman Empire. The gemstones were discovered beneath the fortress bath remains.