Ravenglass (Glannaventa) Bath House – Quick Facts


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  • Built near the Roman fort of Glannaventa (market of the shore) and harbour.
  • Turf and timber fort built around AD 130 during Hadrian’s reign.
  • Stone fort walls built in the early 3rd century.
  • Fort garrisoned by the Cohors Primae Aelia Classica (First Cohort of the Aelian Fleet).

What Remains

Bath House Walls

  • Some of the highest Roman walls in Britain at 12-13 feet.
  • Two distinct rooms – one enclosed within four walls.
  • A doorway with a partial arch.
  • Plaster finish on the upper half of one brick wall.
  • A niche in the wall of the apodyterium (change room).
  • Partial buttresses along two of the walls, once necessary to hold up the heavy vaulted roof of the bathhouse.