Hardknott (Mediobogdum) Roman Fort Quick Facts


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  • Built in the early 2nd Century AD during Hadrian’s reign.
  • Abandoned briefly and re-occupied in the late 2nd Century.
  • Garrisoned by the Fourth Cohort of Dalmatians (500 infantry cohort).

What Remains

  • Fort Walls– the walls undulate up and down with the hilly terrain.
  • Headquarter Building – takes center stage in the middle of the fort.
  • Commanding Officer’s House– One range of rooms and outer wall of a second survive.
  • Granaries – 2 granary buildings.
  • Bath House – 3 adjoining rooms (frigidariumtepidarium and caldarium), and an unusual circular building called the laconicum which was a type of sauna.
  • Parade Grounds– Rare survival of the parade grounds are uphill from the fort.