Carlisle (Luguvalium/Uxelodunum) Tullie Museum – Quick Facts


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  • First timber fort built in AD 72 during the campaigns of Quintus Petilius Cerialis, governor of Britannia from AD 71-74.
  • Luguvalium became a large wealthy town by the 3rd century.
  • When Hadrian’s Wall was built, the fort of Uxelodunum was constructed on the Wall nearby in the modern Carlisle suburb of Stanwix.
  • Uxelodunum was the largest fort on Hadrian’s Wall and was the headquarters for the commanding officer for all of the Wall forts. It was also home to the 1,000 strong cavalry regiment of the Ala Petriana, one of the elite units of the Empire.

What Remains

  • No remains of either Luguvalium or Uxelodunum are visible today.
  • The Tullie House Museum has a collection of artifacts from Roman Carlisle, and other sites along the western end of Hadrian’s Wall.
  • There is also a full-height replica of a turf section of Hadrian’s because originally the western end of the wall was first built in turf then later made of stone.