I did it!

Hadrian’s Wall Hike

It’s been a week since we finished hiking Hadrian’s Wall Path, ending up at Wallsend near Newcastle. It was a challenging experience – some of the crags were very steep and the weather was at times very cold, wet and windy.

At Wallsend – I did it!

We took eight days to complete the 84 mile/135 kilometre hike and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any faster. The first two days I had a sore left foot and a pain in my right leg, slowing me down. Fortunately by the third day I was back up to speed, which mind you still put me at the back of the pack. We had some keeners who were always out front.

The Group Stretches Out

Though some of our group had bad blisters or lost toenails, and a couple had to visit a doctor for treatment, everyone completed the hike. What a great group!

Lunch in a Turret

By walking the entire wall, I was able to see all the bits high on the crags which I hadn’t seen before. But it was a bit of a juggle trying to coordinate the amount of walking we had to do with visits to museums and forts along the way. I did manage to see most everything I wanted, including the new exhibit at the Tullie House Museum in Carlisle, the new 3D film at Roman Army Museum, and the renovations at the Chesterholm Museum at Vindolanda, although I had to hurry there because I only had an hour.

An unforgettable trek.